You’re always there (a poem about the sky :-)

I see you.

You are the sky

And your presence is embodied in your “self”

The self I cannot touch or measure.


For science has proven that you don’t really exist

That you are not a separate thing from everything around you

Yet it is your presence I feel,

I look upon,

and I hunger to get near.


My days and nights are filled with trees and flowers

My mornings with rituals

My afternoons with the tasting of food and drink

Activities occupy my time

Other thoughts occupy my mind


But you’re always there, all the while.


I’ll jump in the water,

I’ll climb the hills,

I’ll dance in the rain, play in the snow, and bask in the sun,

And no matter how I am engaged,

You’re always there.


You are the background to it all,

You reflect in the wet waters I swim in

You silhouette the trees I contemplate

You spread the sun’s light over everything I see.

You’re always there.


I have enjoyed many lights of a different sort

City lights, strobe lights, room lights, and candlelight

They have lit my way and illuminated my soul

But these lights come and go…


Yours is always there – even when it’s not.


After flying through ups and downs

and twists and turns,

moments and non-moments

and illnesses and remedies,

fun times and sad times

good runs of bad luck

and ugly strokes of beautiful,

I realize that

I want you.


I crave your soft, I crave your strength

I envy how you belong to something greater

My stubborn soul puts down its sword and shield

And lets you surround it

Without a sound.


And there you are. You’re always there.

Even when I am all alone with nothing

You’ll still always be there.


I love you. There is no other way.



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2 Responses to You’re always there (a poem about the sky :-)

  1. Why do you think that science has proved we don’t exist?

  2. Larry Lewis says:

    Reread your hommage to the sky in 2012. Es Maravilioso!


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