Good people finding good people – that’s what makes being alive feel special to me

Recently, I’ve gotten better at something than I used to be…

I’ve always been an outgoing sort of person. Somebody who goes out there and interacts with other people (not always in the healthiest of ways – but I’ve gotten way better than I used to be). And I’ve often realized: there are a lot of other people out there who don’t have my gusto for interaction – and some of those people are really great folks, and should get out and meet each other…

So I try to introduce them to each other. Friend A, meet Friends B and C. You’re all so cool!

In the past – and occasionally in the present – I mismatch people. Oops. Didn’t know you would think s/he was a jerk! Sorry!

But the more I grow, the better radar I get for figuring out where people are at in life, and whether two people who haven’t met will gel well together. That’s important to me – helping good people that I value in my life make other good connections.

I think of those times that I have met wonderful, cool, positive people – both those I became friends with and those that were a fleeting presence in my life. It doesn’t matter – You all made me feel good, and that counts. You know, finding or getting to be with somebody that understands and listens, that values the crucial things that are important to you, whom you can let go a little bit, relax, and be yourself around. The kind of person that doesn’t act on their potential fear that you might cause them harm and stress, but rather their potential joy at the beauty and awesomeness that you might add to their day šŸ™‚

There’s a lot more to being a truly positive force. Certainly there are times when a momentary happiness with another person can turn to sorrow if bad habits enter the picture. I write about those bad habits (and the good ones that should take their place) all the time. But I’ve found, in my life, that having this core of good peopleĀ around is essential to me staying positive. To feel like I am truly loved as part ofĀ a pattern of general love and friendship, as opposed to a rare exception, and one that could thus possibly change in the future.

This is why, in a world with so much desire for love and very often so little capacity for it, I try to match the people I truly trust with each other. The naysayers’ network seems to spread like wildfire sometimes. I like to think I’m building networks of truthful, sober positivity.

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