When love makes the pain feel good

I’m not talking about kink/BDSM stuff here… that was covered in another post. No, I’m talking about when you feel that aching pit in your stomach for someone, when you miss them, when they have done something that they needed to do which hurts you in some way, and you feel the pain—and yet it feels good.

If you can get here with someone, you will know that you love them, the way love is supposed to be.

Pain will always be around. If you’re not feeling pain right now, you will be soon. The key to an enlightened existence is to understand the role of this pain in your life.

Some pain is just no good—like the pain of being forced into something against your will. But much of the time, the pain that we are trying to avoid is necessary, therapeutic, and even healing, if we just stop fighting it all the time. You will know that the pain will be good because it will feel painful in itself to resist such pain. Then, when you let go, you will feel the pain you kept yourself from feeling… but it will feel right. It will feel harmonious. It will feel like it is meant to be there, and that it is not unjust or unnecessary.

You can’t be happy all the time. In life, there must be balances of different things. This goes for emotions, too; you will have your bad times sometimes, and the more you try to resist them when they happen, the worse they will feel when they break through your defenses – which always does eventually happen. But if you can create a space in your heart and mind to love your longing and heartbreak, it will love you back. And then you will be free of being prisoner to it, because it will set you free once you let go and feel it.

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