Positive irony, yeah!

Ok, so I was searching for a specific Muslim-run halal meat butchery for a colleague of mine, and I came upon an anti-Islamic site that has a list of Muslim-owned businesses to boycott.

My first reaction was not a particularly happy one, you could say. Until I got down to the comments section and read these three comments in a row: šŸ™‚

Do you have anything in Acton or Maynard? I’ve been really looking to support my local businesses and this seems a good way to do that and get delicious meaty kebabs out of the deal too.

Thank you so much for your hard work, building this list of Islamic restaurants. Could you please also make a list of wonderful^H^H^H^H Islamic-tainted restaurants in the Bay Area, California? I’d particularly like to know where to get some tasty^H^H^H^H couscous-based dishes, falafel, dolmas, and shwarama….

Thank you! This was really helpful to me. I’ve just moved to Amherst and am eager to find a Halal butcher where I can buy fresh, humanely-raised meat at cheaper prices than Whole Foods. I look forward to frequenting some of these vendors. Peace to you.

Seeing how something negative got completely changed into a lovely, gracious cultural exchange put a huge smile on my face. That’s how you do it, folks!

I am definitely not a fan of putting down other people’s religion; however, I will link to the post here so that you readers may also delight in the tasty morsels to be found at Boston’s Islamic-owned outfits… sound good?

And if you like this kind of thinking, check out the video clip about Wade Watts’ response to Ku Klux Klan harassment. It’s classic.

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