I’ve been away for a little while

I just realized, I haven’t put up a new post in about a week! Usually I post every other day, sometimes skipping a day. But no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I just took some time off because I needed to.

I spend many hours in front of a computer in my job. Writing blog posts often involves more computer time, and I realized that all this time staring at a computer was taking away from valuable time I needed to do other things.

My motivation to sit at the computer and write thus took a dive. I have three rough drafts for posts in the works, but could not complete even one of them yet. And you know what? I didn’t have to. Around Monday this week (3 days ago) I made a decision: to put this blog out of my mind for a bit, until it felt right to write again. And now it does… only I am not writing one of my analytical posts. I feel like writing about why one would just vanish and take some time away from something to which they are so dedicated.

Writing for Positive Juice is a wonderful experience for me, but sometimes I let it take up too much space in my life, and I yearn at times to be free of thinking about it. Sometimes you can be doing the most wonderful thing in the world (on a vacation, eating an awesome meal, and having great sex come to mind) and yet, at a certain point, it’s time to do something else. When the weather got really nice here in Boston where I live, it was the final signal that I needed to get out, away from the computer. It also helped that, during Easter weekend, I was invited to spend some good times with a few friends of mine. I relaxed, enjoyed the warm weather and good company, and forgot about writing a blog for a bit.

Sometimes you’ve gotta do that, you know? Break with the routine. It’s what keeps me alive.

So then… you, the reader… I do appreciate the attention, indeed… but for goodness sake, get away from this screen and be alive! You can’t really live if you spend lots of time staring at a screen.

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2 Responses to I’ve been away for a little while

  1. mk says:


    Are you saying that you get all these great thoughts and experiences by _actually living_?!?! Implying that posting your knowledge about life requires you to occasionally do something other than sit at a computer? Daily encouragement that sometimes runs counter to popular beliefs and challenges readers to really think doesn’t sprout from the computer desk or the walls of your writing space?

    Please…from a reader who tends not to comment, but prefers to lurk and gather what information speaks loudest on any given day…don’t stop experiencing things. I appreciate your unique voice and your take on existence. I would hate to think that it is all coming from someone who doesn’t venture into the world every once in awhile.

    As often as you need: go, gather, and bring us back the positively juicy bits.

    • Your comment brings forth visions of a sprouting plant swallowing up my computer desk, engulfing my mouse and turning my workspace into a magical jungle. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement.


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