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You’re always there (a poem about the sky :-)

I see you. You are the sky And your presence is embodied in your “self” The self I cannot touch or measure.   For science has proven that you don’t really¬†exist That you are not a separate thing from everything … Continue reading

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“Your mother didn’t tell you the truth”

These are the words to an Apartheid-era South African song (“War and Crime”) about why bigotry exists. I used to ask myself: why do people do all sorts of horrible hateful things solely because their victims belong to some group, … Continue reading

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Seeing deeper

by ~laylapersia (original post here) . The scars on my wrist represent pain; hurt which I wear just beneath my sleeve. . Also on my heart. Hidden, yet no less intense. . Moreso, for all the scars which we wear … Continue reading

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Love enough to let go. A song for thought

Unconditional love is freeing. It does not restrain. It is not possessive. It lets go. It’s really too bad that so many people don’t hear this kind of message enough to fully understand. After all, in media and popular culture, … Continue reading

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