“Avatar” is a wonderful movie

I just saw Avatar and it touched me in several ways. For one thing, it resonated loudly with what I am trying to do with this blog: promote positive energy.

It’s a movie that, at the same time as it is “fast” and “action-packed,” is also very spiritual, and makes some crucial points about the cancerous nature of negative energy and how we are all connected and affected by the energy around us. And how fragile it all is. It shook me to my core to watch.

If you’ve ever seen Dances with Wolves, there are a lot of parallels between the two stories. Preview for Avatar, below.

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2 Responses to “Avatar” is a wonderful movie

  1. I’d agree with you if the plot wasn’t so predictable and morality so black and white.

    • This is a defect of a lot of dramatizations in general. I felt that this movie was very good, however, at portraying certain things that often get passed over – the interconnectedness of everything, and the sense of taking, but giving back – the balance of things. It wasn’t just about good and evil. It also had a subtext of give and take, and harmony, and this is what really drew me to this picture.


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