Need a quick laugh? You’ve got to see these

Let’s take a break from all the painstakingly deep analysis, shall we? Sometimes being positive is as simple as being lighthearted and having a laugh.

You know how funny it is to read something that got lost in translation? Like the sign for donkey rides that says, “would you like to ride on your own ass?”

Smiling yet? is a site with a huge collection of thousands of these linguistic gaffes. People take photos of these hysterical signs, labels, menus, etc., and send them in to the site. A few examples below:

If you like what you see here, you sure will love the rest of the site!

PS: I spy a few accusations of racism on the radar screen. It is true that about 95% of these come from China or Japan–but that doesn’t mean they aren’t funny! Besides, we English speakers can sound every bit as hilarious in other languages. If you can read Chinese, you might enjoy this site, for example. 🙂

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