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Those supernatural, divine moments in life are not exceptions – they’re CALLINGS

In the hurly-burly of the everyday, it can be hard to find meaning for many people. Especially if your life has a routine, or if your life is optimized so that you may give your best energy to those around … Continue reading

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Despite what it may seem, “forever” is usually not a very good thing – even in love

Oh, I very much understand the appeal! Why wouldn’t anybody want to be loved forever, cherished forever, protected forever… guaranteed that certain good things will be forever?? Problem is, there’s quite literally no way to fully guarantee it. Ever notice how … Continue reading

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The top 5 things people who are close to dying regret when they look back at their life

REGRETS OF THE DYING by Bronnie Ware (originally published here) For many years I worked in palliative care. My patients were those who had gone home to die. Some incredibly special times were shared. I was with them for the … Continue reading

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A good divorce is as much cause to celebrate as a good marriage

Unfortunately, it’s even rarer. A few days ago I went to the family court in my area for a case that was pulled last of all, which meant I got to observe the other cases. Among these others were a … Continue reading

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Long live Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn died yesterday. Let me explain why I held him in such high regard. He was a highly political, highly debative public figure. He stood strong in his political positions against all wars, for socialized medicine, for civil rights … Continue reading

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