About PJ

There is a hunger out there for a way of thinking that allows individuals to be free from negativity and enjoy life. A peaceful state of mind, where you can enjoy the good stuff and not sweat the bad stuff. We all strive to be like that.

And doesn’t it feel good to be around someone like that?

That person who just seems to always be positive, never lets the little things get to him/her, and always seems to have another trick up his/her sleeve to deal with big or ongoing problems…

That person who is stable, dependable, and approachable. The one who, even when [s]he does criticize you or disagree with you, still listens to you and never puts you down or makes you feel bad about yourself. The one whom you just know you’ll be all right with, and you won’t have to worry, because when all is said and done, they’ll understand you.

The person that, if you were stranded on an island and had to choose someone to be stranded with, it would be them.

Do you fit this description for others? Do you have anybody like that around you?

Don’t you wish there were more people like that around generally?

When we grow up, we go to school to learn language, history, sciences, and mathematics. We are generally encouraged to be nice to each other–but we are not taught the skills associated with how to be a person with good energy.

And so we often get sidetracked into vicious cycles of negativity, self-loathing, and abuse. And we acquire deep scars and leave scars on the souls of others. And sometimes it seems like the more we try to be good, the more incentives there are to be bad.

But when done right, being a person of good, positive energy is not an impossible uphill chore. It’s a way of life, and one that provides great benefits to the person living it as well as those around that person. And the more you do it, the easier it gets.

This blog is dedicated to the science and promotion of positive spiritual energy, or “positive juice.” It’s good to finally meet you. Come, step inside and make yourself at home.

And if you have any questions on what “positive juice” really means in practice (e.g., what the heck are you talking about?), well, click here and find out.

10 Responses to About PJ

  1. Teresa says:

    Generally speaking most of us have someone who is stable, dependable, and approachable.
    Promoting positive spiritual energy is something that would required to “turn our life around” and in order to do so, we would need to build a solid foundation for success. In my humble opinion, we would need: 1. A clear vision for our own ideal life, 2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging our success, 3. Make a strategic plan to start taking charge of our life!

  2. MPositive says:

    If you can put these steps into practice, more power to you! I’ve found much of the time, however, that it’s not that easy, especially when you’re down on your luck.

    A good vision and strategic plans are the building blocks. The positive energy is the glue that holds them together. Without that glue, it’s hard to build.

    Mastering this “glue” is a lifetime experience. It isn’t always easy to describe or understand. I think, however, that this is due in large part to the fact that our society today gives us little to no guidance about what mindset to have in order to be at peace.

    I feel so often like there is this gaping void around human spiritual energy that should be filled with precious knowledge about self-love, self-control, balanced life perspectives, and so much more of the things that we are so often sorely lacking.

    If we could do that, our lives and our society would be so much better off.

    The good news is that I used to be one of the most negative folks you know. So if I can understand this, then with time and exposure, anybody can. 🙂

    • Teresa says:

      Absolutely! one thing is the theory, the real job is to put it into practice. Happiness is a feeling of the here and now, thus, we should enjoy and treasure our friends, our family and people with whom we have something in common. Negativity will not go away for good and bad coexisted for as long as life began on this planet earth. We are a product of our experiences, both, positive and negative, we died looking for perfection or should I say to perfect ourselves, but the reality is that we will never find perfection or become perfect.
      Sorry if I am not coherent in my writing, I am just sharing my thoughts with you!

  3. MPositive says:

    I very much agree with you, finding fulfillment is not about banishing everything bad. I think that the “good vs. evil” paradigm would be more accurate in terms of “stable vs. unstable” or “at peace vs. chronically afraid.”

    It seems that for you, life for a time was about finding perfection. But even where some people understand that perfection is a myth, they still wonder: “is the way I am now the way I should be? Should I be content with where I am and what I have? Am I happy? I guess I am” or something along those lines.

    When you’re really at peace, you don’t feel pushed to think about these questions, because you simply know that you’re doing you’re best. And if at any time you feel you could be doing better, you know it immediately and you find out what is getting to you and go and do better. I actually had a moment like that last night; I got very angry for a moment and had to think things through and get them in perspective. It was the roughest moment since more than a month ago when I privately got angry with somebody I worked with taking me for granted. And moments like that will happen again. And I’m ok with that.

    • Teresa says:

      We can’t claim to have the right answers or to be the blessed ones with the right state of mind.
      There was no time in my existence when life was about looking for perfection. Perhaps I chose the wrong word “Perfect” when I simply wanted to state that becoming a better human being is a life time project that requires discovering who we are, why we sometimes react in a kind of passive/aggressive way when we think we are being attacked by someone’s remark or comments. We might say to ourselves, “After all, why would this time be different from the many times we were unjustly accused or punished for something we did not do?” Once we are aware of the why we react in certain way, we can then practice to change that behavior and perhaps in time, injustice won’t have a devastating effect on us. I know it is not easy to change, it doesn’t happen over night, it is not a tool that we inherited, but to me, personally, it is an exercise that requires a lot of practice, repetition, perseverance, reassurance, and a lot, a lot of love!

  4. being positive is something you do when you are sick of the results of doing otherwise, it is more efficient, it is simpler, it is the only way…. live long enough with enough troubles and have a modicum of intelligence and you Will do it, it is inevitable….

  5. Cassandra says:

    I’m so excited about your journey towards positivity and happiness and I look forward to reading along the way.

  6. nicoleaube24 says:

    omgosh this is the person I have been striving to be. I thought I had a friend like this, but its ugh “complicated.” I think about it and I am like, yea who would I want to be stranded on an island with..him of course. I have a lot of friends rather acquaintances, and truthfully I would not be too enthusiastic being stuck with any of them. Some have greater potential, others I think I may stress around more. Thank you for this Mitch, because I now understand the incentive of to do more bad when you try to do so much good. I get bitter and I am like why?! I don’t want to be bitter! When I was doing my best I was sure it was being done full heartedly. And I realized it was done full heartedly it felt perfect, but theres something that wants me to doubt myself. Back to where the bitterness might still be rooted, I realized the deep scars on my heart that haven’t healed yet. All I know is I do my best to be stable, thats not always that easy but I have learned to cope with it the best I can to not be able to pass on that energy, especially when I am cranky, its no excuse to be rude. I am pretty approachable, but not always. And I am dependable when it means the most at certain times, but all in all, not 100%. We can’t be perfect as mortals, we can be perfect when we are resurrected. This life is about emitting positive energy and more, my belief is that this light is the light of God and Jesus Christ’s love for all of us, which is so strong. So this is such great knowledge and wisdom to have come across, as I do have the hunger you have described. Our trials we learn from, suffering exists so that we may be comforted, loved and become stronger. We live in a world of wickedness, its up to us to be the positive energy and light. Its a fight and its exhausting sometimes, but everything will be alright. I am creating my own PJ which reflects my own unique soul, and sometimes others have unique ingredients of their own that will spill into my soul when I am low or even have an absence of that ingredient, as I may have something someone else is low of our doesn’t have that I can freely give too. We can make each other whole and as perfect as we can be, together. 🙂

  7. I was with a man who was controlling. I’ve read what you’ve said on control and abuse but I don’t totally understand it. My ex didn’t like me going out with friends, he’d text and phone me constantly and if I didn’t reply within minutes he’d say he would get pains in his stomach. He moved in with me and the control got worse. He would constantly stare at me telling me how much he loved me. I too loved him so much. I went on a life coaching 5 day course(this was a great opportunity that was paid for by my ex employer). Whilst away he sent me a text on my last day saying he had left me because he loved me too much and I wasn’t texting him enough. After 2 months of no contact I contacted him and practically begged him to come back to me and he did. Within days he was back to his controlling self, I told him I was fed up with how he was treating me and again he left me. That was 3 months ago and he has never tried to return. I feel so abandoned. To be someone’s everything to nothing is so hurtful. I thought controlling men never left a relationship and the woman had to leave! I’ve since heard he has a new girlfriend and I’m absolutely heartbroken. I feel like the relationship was a lie but I’d genuinely see the love in his eyes

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