What can I do, and what do YOU do, to be a positive person?

Happy New Year!

I made it a New Year’s Resolution to start this blog, all about spreading positive human energy. And though I feel as though I have a lot to write about, I know can’t be my best, personally, without having an open mind.

So, to the readers out there, I have a question: what can I do to be even more positive? To promote more positive energy to more people? Or maybe to focus my positive energy a bit more so it is more effective?

What do you do to promote positive energy in your life? Comments welcome!

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4 Responses to What can I do, and what do YOU do, to be a positive person?

  1. erica says:

    one of the things i try to do, and will be doing more of in the new year, is to exercise. exercise releases those natural endorphins which affect brain chemistry and help us humans to keep the positivity flowing. that, and eating healthy, natural and unprocessed foods are are at least two of the physical ways you can nurture the body so that the mind is fed and ready for positive thinking!

  2. MPositive says:

    Yes, my thoughts exacly! I really need to do more exercise. I feel my muscles tightened by the cold weather and I’ve used that as an excuse to not exercise as much. But so many good thing happen when I do: better sleep, better bowel movements, clearer mind, greater ability to relax, greater ease to let go, better circulation, greater appetite, stronger sexual drive and enjoyment… it’s really true, exercise is very key. I will be following your advice.

  3. Christopher says:

    I try very hard never to let myself get too hungry. It is far too easy to act agressive when your stomache is screaming into your brain, “Tear something apart and eat it, now!” The same applies to tiredness. “Leave me alone, I want to sleep!” makes it difficult to listen properly.

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